Marc Bandecchi formally known as Arcando, is an up and coming artist who is very quickly making his name known in the industry. He is already reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on his popular tracks such as No More and Is It Possible, gathering much deserved worldwide attention.

He incorporates new sounds and instrumentals into his tracks to add a refreshing, recognisable vibe to his sound which is proving to be very popular. At just 19 years old, he has already rewritten the must-have summer playlists for 2018, with both upbeat and chilled out tunes for those hyped parties and warm evenings. At almost 20k followers on Spotify, he is already being recognised and word is spreading quickly of his talent. 

Arcando is a prime example of a dramatic change sometimes being the right move to do. After his recent transition from harder dance music into electronic/ trap/future bass oriented music in the late 2017, the young dutchman has been making a name for himself by releasing on one of the most well-known electronic brands Trap Nation, in addition of the eminent labels Enhanced Music and Strange Fruits. To develop his production skills even further, he began last autumn his first year in music production studies in the respected Conservatorium Haarlem, in the Netherlands.

After listening to his tracks, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out his Spotify if you haven’t already, as there is such a welcome variety of music and I’m sure there is plenty more of the good stuff to come – I’ll certainly be keeping a watch out for anything new and think you should too.

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