The Millennial Club – Santa Barbara

The Millennial Club are back and making waves with their first track of 2018, an intricately crafted ethereal experience that embraces a familiar, ‘retro-RNB’ vibe, complementary to the band’s previous works.

Santa Barbara transports listeners to a dreamlike state, with Andres Owens’ smooth, reverberant vocals swirling through our headphones as he sings of passion and introspection. The song is anchored in feel by a ‘minimal-esque’ kick drum that grooves alongside a warm synth bass, 80s style synth melodies and every so often, a real funky guitar riff that draws immediate focus and contributes to the track’s overall chillout atmosphere.

The song’s relaxed vibe gives it a universal appeal, making it applicable to a vast array of scenarios. One may expect to hear it being blasted from an 80’s bar, on the sand beneath a tropical sunset or being played on a long train ride through the countryside.

Santa Barbara marks the beginning of a very exciting year for The Milennial Club and will be followed by their much anticipated debut EP “She’s So Insane,” which we cannot wait to hear!

Listen to Santa Barbara now!!

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