This week’s artist to watch is Gold Coast based artist and producer, Kye Grant.

Kye has been turning heads in the Australian music scene for years now and with the recent release of his new single “Fall” just last week, he is once again creating an impact! Already the song has garnered support from Spinnin Records on Spotify and over the course of the next few months Kye will be performing the track along with his other music in clubs across Australia as part of his new ‘single tour.’ Combining elements of various EDM sub-genres, Kye purposefully blends different styles to create his own sound, which he describes as “melodic and uplifting, yet still delivers a powerful, tight drop.”

“Fall is about continuing to go back to a person, even when you know that you shouldn’t…” Kye says in an exclusive interview with The Music Elk. “…but somehow you just end up back there anyway.” When asked about the writing process behind the track, Kye said: “I wrote the chord progression and idea, then met up with Rhea Robertson, the vocalist on the track and we discussed the theme. From there she began writing our lyrics and vocal melody. Most of the song came about in the first session and the rest was just a few sleepless nights of me tinkering with the production and getting the drop to sound how I wanted it to.”

Kye also offered us the inside scoop on what his plans were for the rest of the year and what’s next! “I’m heading back to America to work on new music in December. My next single should be out in the next month or so.”

“Fall” marks Kye’s first release for 2018 and is only the beginning of what we here at the Elk are predicting to be a year of milestones for the young producer. Quickly becoming a name in Australia and internationally, Kye Grant is definitely one to watch.


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