Mark Mendy – Hide & Seek (Sunday Morning Edit)

Anyone who enjoys chill, pop music coupled with summer, acoustic vibes will find themselves in a state of languorous bliss listening to Mark Mendy’s new track “Hide & Seek (Sunday Morning Edit).”

The 2nd of two versions, the Sunday morning edit captures the same feel-good vibe of the first, yet adds a fresh layer of acoustic flair in a ‘singer songwriter’ re-imagining of the track. Although released 2 months after the first version, this track was in fact the first to be written by Italian producer and songwriter, Marco (Mark Mendy) and is the one he prefers.

Through gentle acoustic guitar and sweet vocal melodies, the song tells the story of a budding romance between two people who see love differently. Told from the point of view of the man, Adam Christopher’s smooth vocals impart the narrative of someone who just wants to lie down and relax with his partner, who by contrast wants to travel, discover and experience new things and so she keeps running in an attempt to explore the world, while leaving the man endlessly chasing his love.

“They’re both in love with each other but somehow it feels like one of them can live without the other. I guess we have all been through something like this.” – Marco on his inspiration behind writing the song.

The song is, as the title would suggest, indeed perfect for a languid Sunday morning by the seaside or perhaps spent lounging under the golden rays that seep through a forrest’s canopy.

Listen to “Hide & Seek (Sunday Morning Edit) NOW:

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