Shoby & Henri Purnell – Someday (feat. Sander Nijbroek)

Henri Purnell and Shoby’s divine new summer track, featuring the majestic vocals of Sander Nijbroek, is all that’s on our mind right now! In a pure mix of ‘summer chillness,’ empowered by light whistling, groovy guitar riffs and catchy vocals, “Someday” transports listeners to a tropical paradise filled with sunshine and good vibes, while communicating a warm message of discovery and purpose!

“It’s about peace. Energised and motivated by yourself and the people who are connected to you.” – Henri Purnell

Written by Sander and produced by Henri & Shoby, the track evolved through an online dialogue between the artists and months of chatting on Skype.

“After three months of chatting and skyping, we finalized the instrumental. With the help of my manager I met Sander in Amsterdam during ADE 2017. We sat together, discussing the details of the vocal performance of the song, since Sander was new to the Deep House, Dance genre. After another two months, we had the final version of “Someday.” – Henri Purnell

As birds chirp to gentle percussion and wave-like sweeps that fill the mix, one cannot help but drift off with their own thoughts, as “Someday” takes its listeners on journey in which the destination is an internal state of utopia.

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