J.V. – Swear I Saw Ghosts (ft. Laura Padaratz)

J.V.’s new track “Swear I saw Ghosts” brings introspection and chilled, moody vibes to the fore as it tugs at the heartstrings in an emotionally charged exploration of a love that has been and gone.

It’s about being haunted by the ghosts of a past love.” – J.V.
The song, which was only just released today, presents a reflective look at the dark times in a past relationship and the sombre memories that inevitably slow down the healing process involved.The alluring vocal interplay between J.V. and featured artist, Laura Padaratz, allows the narrative to resonate with a fresh authenticity, while syncopated vocal melodies combined with a steady, minimal beat, gives the work a hip-hop flavour, mixed with elements of trap. Furthermore, hypnotic sweeps, edgy synths and richly layered vocals (harmonies, chops and echoes) contribute to the overall brooding timbre that serves the song’s thematic purpose.

“Swear I saw Ghosts” is the kind of track to put on while lying awake after midnight, ready to take on those ethereal dream-pop vibes as you slip away into deep thought.

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