This week’s artist to watch is MKJ, an accomplished, versatile and rapidly skyrocketing producer from Iraqi Kurdistan, now based in Texas, USA. Following the phenomenal success of his track “Time” (released in 2015) which went viral across social medias in China and launched him into the public spotlight, MKJ has been killing it ever since.

“I found out that it had just gone viral on the Chinese social medias. Out of nowhere “Time” was the #1 most Shazamed song in China. People are using my song for challenges and skits, all over the Asian countries now.” – Mahmoud Jaff (MKJ) on the success of ‘Time’

Since the release of his most recent track “Don’t Flatter Yourself,” a collaboration with Australian duo The Beamish Boys on Tipsy Records, he has been working nonstop on fresh music and exciting new projects and while dates are not yet available, he is thrilled to announce an upcoming international tour of Asia in 2019!

“If you want to brighten up your day with some motivation and a bit of sassiness, then Don’t Flatter Yourself is the song you.” – MKJ on his most recent single

In a unique combination of dance-pop, mixed with the occasional oriental flavour and various other world elements, MKJ presents his own skillfully crafted and non-limited style that is instantly captivating.

If I had to choose one word to describe my music, it would be diverse” – MKJ

He anticipates big things for the rest of 2018 and the following year and together we invite you – readers of The Music Elk and fellow music lovers – to come along for the ride!

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