Nurko, Elle Vee – Million Birds (Gidexen Remix)

French phenomenon Gidexen has taken New York based producer Nurko and vocalist Elle Vee hit single “Million Birds” to a whole new level. With his emotional future bass twist, this is different to Gidexen usual heavy trap style. Emotional chords combining yet power and rhythm, Gidexen has used his production skills to create yet another free-flowing hit. Elle Vee’s vocals bring a solid burst of emotion and drive to the song, which adds to the combination of Nurko and Gidexen signature sounds.

“I was first blown away by the original version by Nurko. Plus, the voice of Elle Vee was so beautiful I had to make my own version of the track. I had so much fun working on this remix, so happy that Nurko liked it too. Getting it supported by producers I look up to is such an accomplishment”

Follow Gidexen:
SoundCloud: @gidexen

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SoundCloud: @nurkomusic
Instagram: @nurkomusic

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SoundCloud: @elleveemusic
Instagram: @elleveemusik


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