Artist To Watch – Sistek

This week we are joined by Sistek in our regular series ‘Artist To Watch,’ a Chilean producer and unstoppable talent who has been making waves within the electronic scene for years now!

With his original track “Pitfalls” amassing over 2 million Spotify streams and the official remix of “LA” by OKO and Rosie Darling now sitting on over 1.5 million, Sistek has been capitalising on all the hype, developing his sound and working with an array of multitalented artists from around the world while gearing up for the release of a new EP this year!

“From day one it started racking up traction! It was supported by The Chainsmokers, Hardwell and many other artists from around the globe as well as being added to the official playlist ‘Tropsik House’ in Sweden! It was really easy to work on it because of the quality of the recording and obviously, Rosie’s amazing voice!” – Sistek on the success of his remix: LA

His most recent release “Hold The Moon,” a collaboration with the Nashville based singer/songwriter Madison Gold, brings mellow Kygo-esque vibes, infused with an old-school, tropical flavour in a message of hope after a broken heart. The song developed out of a few demos Madison and Adolfo (Sistek) had been working on in 2016 and following several modifications, they finally had what they had set out to create.

“I think I made more than 20 versions for this one. We had it saved with ice for a while because it was a really special song and we were looking for the right moment. I always try to describe my songs as paintings. This one brings me the image of a cold, summer night. The sky is mostly dark but you can see some brushstrokes of pink and light-green coming from the rising sun. Thats me though, everyone will feel and see different things from it.” – Sistek

Capturing a summer-pop, chill out vibe, Sistek aims to promote good vibes and a ‘dancey’ feel through his music and prefers not to box his sound in to one particular genre as he continues to develop his artistic style, taking on only projects that excite him and that he is passionate about.

“I always try to find something that works really well first and then build a track around it. I love using real instruments in my productions like guitars and pianos, as well as synths and sampled vocals.” – Sistek

With a growing stockpile of numerous projects and “surprises” along the way, including a new release with English singer-songwriter, Kovic, coming out on August 24th, Sistek’s snowballing career has him moving at breakneck speed, rendering him by all accounts, one to watch!


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