Interview with Malarkey and his new single “Heartburn”

Today I have the pleasure of showing you the chat I had with UK producer Malarkey, also known as Sam Butler, about life as a producer and DJ and his new track Heartburn. (Scroll down for the streaming link!)

First off, Sam, thanks for taking the time to speak to us, it’s great to get an insight into your life. I guess the first obvious thing to ask you about is your new track, what does Heartburn mean to you?

Heartburn is a track I’ve wanted to put out for ages actually, I started it in late 2016 and it’s been something I’ve been waiting to drop just at the right time. I’m super happy that it’s finally out for everyone to enjoy!

It’s been 7 months since you last released, what have you been working on in that time, apart from Heartburn?

I’ve been developing my sound and working on a different alias of mine too, which I’ll keep hidden… if you know you know… I’ve got a lot more Malarkey stuff planned though for the rest of the year, and this single is only the start of a lot of bigger plans I have!

Where do you take inspiration from?

I take a lot of inspiration from straight up House music, including sub genres like Deep and Future House. I’ve also really been getting into Jackin’ House recently, so expect that in quite a few of my upcoming shows! I try to incorporate these modern sounds and styles with the vibe and writing of Soul and Funk from the 80’s. There are some really great artists doing that style currently and there is something about it which is just so tantalising and fresh. Definitely something geared towards Spotify playlists and home listening, but I’ve been to some really great sets playing that type of music too!

You’ve been playing some shows recently, can you tell me about those and what you’ve enjoyed most about them?

Yes! I recently played at Motion in Bristol, which was voted one of the top 20 clubs in the world last year. It’s somewhere I realised I NEEDED to play when I first went there! I also played El Dorado Festival alongside acts such as Wilkinson, Blonde, Chris Lorenzo and more. The stage was on a pirate ship and on water which was pretty crazy, and a totally unforgettable experience to say the least! I’ve also been lucky enough to hold down a residency in Bath at a club called The Nest, which has been awesome. I’m going to be playing even more over the next coming months, going between Reading and Bath every Tuesday night for Toast Tuesdays, a really great student club night.

What’s the next step for Malarkey?

Expect more club orientated tracks from Malarkey in the next few months. I want to really push a combination of Jackin’ House and Future House, using more samples and having a lot of fun mainly. I really enjoy doing upbeat music, and certainly won’t be doing any Bass House soon (although I do enjoy it!). Expect a lot of Disco influences and a lot of groove, my main aim will be to give audiences and listeners a really bright and upbeat feeling, no matter where or when they’re listening. I’ve got some really great labels working on these tracks… but I’ll leave all that quiet for now until the samples are cleared and the tracks are ready to go!

What’s your main goal for the future?

My main goal is to be touring across the UK and the globe! I really want to DJ for as many audiences as possible and show my music off to as my people as possible. My main goal is to keep on pushing forward, always outdo myself and keep on striving for more.

Is there anything you’d like to announce to our readers?

I’d just like to say a massive thank you for everyone’s patience on this record and with my project. I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in this community, and without them it wouldn’t be possible. It’s awesome to have signed the publishing for record of this track to Warner Chappell too! I’m truly grateful for everyone’s support, and I hope you enjoy Heartburn!

Stream Heartburn here:

Follow Malarkey here:

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20 year old Student, Producer, DJ, Writer & Curator from London, UK.

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