Medasin – Irene

Few artists can guide you into a complete state of meditative, hypnotic rumination. Medasin is one such artist. While listening to his latest album “Irene” last night in preparation for a write up, I found myself at a loss for words. I sat and listened, compelled to remove myself from any default analytical thought process, to simply one of open absorption. It’s easy to allow oneself to fall inadvertently into the trap of passive criticism when presented with something different or unfamiliar. We forget to, instead, allow things to be as they are and were created, simply letting the music wash over our souls.

As a collective body of work, “Irene” fosters a powerful sense of introspection – the kind that can only come from a work that is written from deeply personal place. The 9 track album delves into the past trials and dark crevices of Medasin’s history, tackling issues from mental health to drug addiction and hopeless escapism. In a recent exclusive with Billboard, the artist revealed that the album was dedicated to Irene, his former program counsellor at a rehab facility in Texas, who four years ago made him realise his true life-value and potential.

The album combines Jazz, Hip-hop and Lo-fi beats with an omnipresent RNB flavour, while each track remains uniquely seperate in feel and spirit. Whether it’s the gentle metallic soundscape and syncopated rhythms of “Ramen,” the warm Jazzy progressions in “Work For You,” or the funky synth bass and ethereal keys in “Tired,” Irene will undoubtedly transport you through liquid chill vibes and lo-fi crackles to a place of ponderous self reflection.

In refreshing gleam of authenticity in an industry driven by fads and trends, Irene serves as an interconnected flow of artistic expression – a cathartic exploration of Medasin’s own history and self growth. This is an album to be listened to in a quiet, rustic coffee shop, or a noodle bar sheltered from the heavy Tokyo rain. Or even your bedroom, with mood lighting and an ice cold beer. More than album – Irene is an evocative, nostalgic journey to a slumber-like state of hygge and peace.


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