Mary Miller – H.D.

A profound listening experience, Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Mary Miller’s celestial new track “HD” will take you to a place of soul-stirring transcendence. In an amalgamation of Dream-Pop, Electronic Chill and evocative experimentalism, listeners are guided upon a unique journey as Mary paints a personal narrative of unashamed escapism:

So I leave my consciousness behind,
Come find me, I’m HD,
Heavenly, in HD

Hitting with a strong and dynamic impact, the song crashes into a cacophonous drop as eclectic samples fill the mix, alongside occasional dissonance that creates a deliberate undercurrent of tension within the piece.

“To say you’re ‘HD’ is like you’re on fire, you’re free, leaving your consciousness behind.” – Mary Miller on the meaning behind her lyrics

Serving as the follow-up to her last debut release “I Found Heaven,” which hit number 1 on The Hype Machine’s popular chart within it’s first week, “HD” offers a glimpse into what’s in store for Mary’s upcoming and highly anticipated EP: “Fiction”. Through rich, ethereal sweeps; a crunchy minimal beat; dirty bass and moody, sustained reverbs by the dozen, “HD” compels listeners to depart consciousness and enter a place sublime surrealism.


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