KVMO – Follow Me (Feat Loé)

Poland based producer and up and coming artist KVMO’s astonishing new chill-pop track, featuring the smooth and controlled vocals of Loé is lifting us into a higher state of rejuvenating euphoria! In a soothing blend of pop, infused with subtle acoustic influences and breezy acoustic guitar, “Follow Me” explores the theme of unadulterated passion and trust.

“You try, I try to make it simple,
But we both know that this ain’t easy,
Swear I will go where you go, girl I would follow you
Say you don’t know where this ends but girl I know I do.”

Created by KVMO – a Polish producer with an impressive highlights reel that includes having done remixes for the likes of Galantis, The Chainsmokers and Dilated Peoples – this track combines KMVO’s signature future bass origins with an irresistibly chilled, summer pop style.

“Tell me what you want, girl I’ll give it to you, give it to you
I’ll give you all my love, if you follow me down.”

“Follow Me” gives off the kind of vibes that inspire bonfire nights and good times with friends, as smooth guitar, impacting sweeps and a punchy kick and bass fill the mix, making for a beautiful sonic experience.

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