Motivational Monday’s Episode 19: Darren Simko (Label Owner At Tipsy Records)

This week we were lucky enough to chat with label owner, Darren Simko, who reveals his personal formula for success, his current favourite artists and what’s next for Tipsy Records!

Who are you and what’s your background?

I’m the owner of Tipsy Records. We started our label sort of as a Soundcloud promotional channel called the Tipsy Tortoise and we really gained a significant audience and following on SoundCloud of 100,000 followers. So we were able to really get songs on SoundCloud up to 500,000 and 1 million plays, just by promoting songs. That was my initial way into the music industry, promoting music and getting into blogging, YouTubing, Spotify and all those great things.

What does your job consist of on a day to day basis?

Day to day, I manage a lot of inquiries, right now we’re working on our team infrastructure and making sure that everything is getting done on a day to day basis, as I can’t do it all myself. But I do a lot of A&Ring, we have a song coming out every week on Tipsy, so a lot of work goes in to that. I work with my team all day everyday just trying to take it to the next level and really just answering a lot of emails, inquiries and getting back to artists.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I enjoy A&Ring music and working on songs, taking them to the next level and discovering a song that we want to release. I’m a musician myself and I find enjoyment in working on the music and feeling like I’m contributing to the song-making process.

Any tips and tricks that you wish you knew when you started?

Totally. Everyday I recognise more and more that, in hindsight, you wish you could do everything better. But actually nothing specific and I really believe that everything is meant to be.

For the readers looking to pursue a career in your field, do you have any advice for them?

The main advice that I’ve been giving lately is don’t spread yourself to thin. A lot of guys here will tell you that everything can seem interesting and you’ll want to get into everything, artist management, blogging, label owning, A&R, but just pick something and master it, you know? Master your craft.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

I like a lot of artists who’ve been affiliated with Tipsy before. I really enjoy Giiants and Flyboy and one of my all time favourites at the moment is MKJ. I’d say Gryffin is a big one that I really enjoy and I really like The Chainsmokers. They’re doing a lot of pop stuff – I like the new singles they’re dropping, it’s good stuff.

What do you do when your not working (for downtime)?

Lately I’ve been spending time with family, cooking and making meals, eating more and working out a bit.

How do you overcome days where you have no motivation?

I would say caffeine is your best friend. You can’t drink it every day in my opinion, but there’s days when I wont drink it and I’ll feel less motivated. I just have to drink coffee.

What do you look for in a song and/or what would advice would you give to artists wanting to be on your label?

It really matters about what the artist is doing on their end, whether they’ve released music before or not, if they have a brand and theme on their profile. That’s the beginning and then when it comes to the music, these days we’re releasing vocal music so it’s really important that the vocals aren’t amateur. It needs to be professional. And then the production just needs to be good – it needs to be cool! We get a lot of pop songs and we pick our favourite ones!

Any recent announcements and/or upcoming stuff you would like to announce to the readers?

We just recently announced that we’re doing a partnership with Symphonic Distribution, which is cool. So that’s what we’re most recently excited about. We have a lot of exciting releases coming and in a couple weeks we’re going to be releasing every week on Spotify and all other stores.

What are your own personal tips for success (either in music or life in general)?

Just keep working and stay consistent. I was just thinking about it in the car 15 minutes ago. There are people who you notice are just grinding so hard, they just have this hunger to succeed and that is the formula to success. Just getting so hungry and just fricking working everyday. That’s how you gotta be.

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