Artist To Watch: Callum McBride

This week’s artist to watch is producer Callum McBride, based in Cumbria, England. From having racked up millions of plays across his music to being featured on Billboard, it’s no secret that Callum McBride’s career is flourishing! In a distinctive intersection of electronic dance music and pop, Callum endeavours to create music that is both melodically catchy and that features a strong beat that people can dance to.

“For me it’s a career highlight every day seeing my fan base growing and seeing my original music getting listened to millions of times world wide.”

His latest release “Everywhere” sets the tone for an ambient deep house track, with a tech house twist! Written alongside producer Oliver Jack and featuring Sander Nijbroek, whose tender vocals weave a passionate narrative of boundless love, “Everywhere” dropped just last week under Soave Records and already continues to grow uncontrollably by the day.

“The whole idea of this track was inspired by the likes of Camelphat but mainly it was because I heard a remix of an Autograf track. The remix was by Alex Schulz and it amazed me how the track could be so powerful while only using a few chords throughout. So I tried to use a similar method, and I feel like it worked!”

With more upcoming collabs and new projects in the making, Callum is excited about what the future will bring and pumped for the release of new music in the near future! 

Seeing my music connect with so many people is something that seemed so unlikely when I first started producing but with hard work and my love for music, I made it possible and I’m super proud of that.”


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