Bahjat – Do You Remember Me?

23-year-old Libyan born, Stockholm based independent singer-songwriter Bahjat’s infectious new track “Do You Remember Me?” is a rivetingly catchy pop anthem. Through buoyant production that conjures a blissful image of tropical fertility, juxtaposed by personalised and slightly melancholic lyrics, “Do You Remember Me”? explores the notion of missing someone whose memory continues to haunt you. 

“It’s basically the text message that I never sent to that person” – Bahjat on the meaning behind the song

Bahjat initially got down the idea for the song while he was in Malta, on a break from the music academy he attended in Sweden. After recording the first demo and sending it to a friend who helped produce it, he soon finished the project, working alongside 2 of his producer friends after returning to Sweden. Rhythmically driven with relatable lyrics, memorable vocal licks and a hard hitting, catchy drop, “Do You Remember Me?” is in fact a heartbreak song dressed up as an uplifting, summer dance track.

“It’s a song that I wrote about someone who I missed, but didn’t have the courage to reach out to again. It’s freeing those thoughts you have about someone and singing them at the top of your lungs, in hopes of getting closure.”

With new projects on the way and a new song dropping at the end of this month which continues the storyline of “Do You Remember Me?” we can not wait to follow Bahjat’s journey and hear what comes next!


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