Artist To Watch: Labrose

This week our attention is on the explosive, international duo Labrose, consisting of New York based singer-songwriter Victor Perry and UK based producer Alisdiar Mason. With their debut single “Disguise” now on 380,000 Spotify streams, Labrose are back to bless your ears with their emotionally charged new track: “Gravity.”

“We would best describe the song as a lush explosion of feelings.” – Labrose

Drawing inspiration from genres such as Alternative Pop and Electronic Soul, the pair venture down a sightly more exploratory route with their new track. In a deliberate departure from the traditional pop structure, “Gravity” experiments with both structure and sound in order to convey the complex and tumultuous nature of unrequited love. In an early demo consisting of just looped piano chords and soft electric guitar, Victor sat down to record the self-inspired, heart-wrenching vocal narrative.

“I remember vividly in December writing the song. It was cold, I was alone, and I was in love.” – Victor Perry on the inspiration behind the song

The song was then developed and re-worked by Alisdair, who re-arranged the vocals and included further elements that ultimately took the production to new heights. Beginning with beautiful eclectic guitar played beneath Victor’s enchanting vocals, the song subsequently enters a more turbulent state with syncopated drum patterns and warm synths, evolving through bends, builds and breaks. 

“It’s always active. So for someone who hasn’t heard the song they’re in for a real treat. It’s definitely an experience.” – Victor Perry

Labrose are currently gearing up for a wave of several new remixes of their popular track “Disguise” starting on September 21st, including remixes from Sterling Grove, Levi, L’essay, Ludomir and plenty more! They continue to develop new material which they are eager to release and look onward toward a promising path of opportunity ahead!


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