Rival – Lichterloh

Germany based electronic pop producer and DJ; Rival, has taken a different approach with his latest release – a jazzy piano instrumental that moves with an improvisational, tender sincerity. 

The title “Lichterloh” is German. It means a calm, bright light. The English translation “ablaze” doesn’t really translate the right way. – Valentin (Rival) on the meaning behind the song’s title

“Lichterloh” is set apart from anything else that Rival has released. In an exclusive with The Music Elk, he tells us that he had written the piece 3 years ago but had always been hesitant to release it, not knowing how people would react. 

It was more like an experiment, being 100% piano. I composed it about 3 years ago but I always hesitated to release something like this, since there are no kicks, build-ups or ‘in-your-face leads’.

Beginning with a Jazzy, rubato verse that then leads into a more refined, melodic chorus, Rival’s virtuosity as a musician is evident as the piece flows through evolving and sophisticated dynamic variation. Subtle, elegant and rich in expression, “Lichterloh” sets the tone for candlelit, soul-stirring moments of peaceful repose.


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