LIHO & Adam Turley – Say Now

LIHO and Adam Turley’s powerfully anthemic, yet deeply chilled new track “Say Now” is the kind of jam to break speakers as it lifts you to higher dimensions. Through vivacious future synths; brassy sweeps; a heavy, fluent bass and uplifting lyrics, “Say Now” relays an inspired message of overcoming adversity:

“When LIHO sent me the instrumental, it wasn’t long before I knew what I wanted this song to represent. We are surrounded by people and forces telling us we can’t. That we won’t. That it can never happen. This song is an expression towards that opposition.” – Adam Turley on the meaning behind the song

Building through a magnificent crescendo, the drop hits hard and fast with sudden forte synth busts and jolting dynamics, creating max impact and ultimately reinforcing the songs message of empowerment.

“I wrote ‘Say Now’ about dealing with adversity and constant uphill battles that we all encounter in our day to day lives.” – Adam Turley

Packed with raw emotion and all the momentum one wishes for in a future track, “Say Now” has got us all at The Music Elk in a chilled state if mind.


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Instagram || Facebook || Spotify


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