Artist To Watch: Omri

Today we’re blasting Rock-infused electronica, as Israel born, LA based artist and producer, Omri, joins us as this week’s artist to watch. His most recent release on Lacuna Records “Save Me,” is a powerful ballad that hits with aggressive sentimentality, as Omri’s scratchy and metal-esque vocals reinforces the personal narrative so close to the artist’s heart: 

“It’s part of a real story and a real experience I had. It’s about a relationship where one side in the relationship isn’t there emotionally anymore, and the other side is asking the first to “save them” and let them go, even though they still have feelings for them.” – Omri on the inspiration behind the single

What immediately grabs one’s attention when it comes to Omri’s music, is its bizarre and unique fusion of Rock/Metal with the Future Bass genre. Through filthy synths, evocative filter sweeps and a heart-wrenchingly impassioned vocal delivery, “Save Me” draws listeners into an evocative, emotronic trance. 

“I guess I’m writing rock songs with electronic instruments. I try to write songs that are emotional while combining the feeling of a rock/metal with the sound and power of EDM.” – Omri

With more music on the way in including a collaboration with Mendum coming out on NCS, a show alongside Dieselboy at the Avalon in LA in late October and a big announcement that Omri says he’s “not legally allowed to talk about,” all eyes are on the young artist and what the future holds for him and his music.



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