Artist To Watch: Beat The System

This week’s artist to watch is Malaysian Pop-Rock band, now based in New York City, Beat The System. After having achieved multiple music milestones, awards and considerable success in the ASEAN region (including capturing the attention of Diana Meltzer, responsible for discovering brands such as Creed, Evanescence and Seether) the dynamic 4 piece band are set on making it in the American music scene.

Their most well known single “Be Your Own”, is an electronic-pop track with all the impact of a rock record. “Be Your Own” acts as a vehicle for social commentary, celebrating self-realisation, individuality and the importance of staying true to oneself.

“In wanting to belong to today’s competitive and demanding world, we more often than not do whatever it takes to please those around us, even if it costs us dearly. We agree when we disagree, we show up at parties out of fear of being labelled as boring, we say what we don’t mean just to fit in and we behave in ways that are just, well, not us. It’s a song of relevance, of hope, of encouragement and of an undying passion.” – Gerlald Storm (drummer and songwriter for Beat The System)

Stylistically known for their fusion of Electronic Pop with Indie-Rock and Alternative elements, Beat The System bring a unique blend of sub-genres to the fore, weaving anthemic lyrics masterfully together with immersive synth layers and powerful beats.

 “As you listen to our music, we hope that its words speak to you, and just know that you are God’s special creation… one that is unique and can never be replicated.”  – Gerlald Storm

In the midst of planning a tour of North America, Beat The System say that their fans should expect new material to drop soon.


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