kordz & Lontalius – Accept & Connect

Swiss producer; kordz and US singer; Lontalius, have combined creative forces under taste maker and record label Majestic Casual, to create a compelling new piece of art. The product of their efforts is revealed in their new single “Accept & Connect” which is all that’s on our minds right now!

Layered with intricate production, woven effortlessly together to create stunning textural soundscapes, “Accept & Connect” is not at all afraid to embrace experimentalism.

“The sounds of breaking tree branches and crackling leaves are ripping through a chorale that’s echoing from a church, far away. The chorale sounds like its coming from far away, while the sounds of the nature seem to happen almost inside of your ears. It created a very strange atmosphere” – kordz

Evolving from a simple melody that kordz discovered while improvising on the piano, into a fully formed, magnificent display of sonic flair, “Accept & Connect” is confidently immersive and the beginning of what is yet to come from both artists.

“I’ve been trying to challenge myself to be more vulnerable, but to also find a confidence that I didn’t have before. All in the name of making something that connects.” – Lontalius

Stream “Accept & Connect” bellow:

Facebook || Instagram

Facebook || Instagram

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