Artist To Watch: Folded Dragons

This week’s artist to watch is Folded Dragons; Minnesota-raised, now New York City based Albert Pan; a growingly prolific producer in the electronic-chill scene. With his debut single now on over half a million Spotify streams and subsequent releases supported by taste maker giants such as Trap Nation and many more, Folded Dragons is unquestionably making a name for himself.

“It’s insane what doors keep opening for me, whether it be playing live in clubs around NYC come winter 2018, or releasing this official remix for GRACE (aka Grazy Grace)!” – Folded Dragons

Now – after a Summer focused on self improvement and working with hit YouTube stars; Jason Chen, Ysabelle Cuevas, and Ak Benjamin – Folded Dragons is back with a new track due for release on October 16th – an official remix of for GRACE’s single “Trick Or Treat”. The remix came into being after Albert accidentally stumbled across GRACE’s music on SoundCloud over the Summer. Immediately drawn to her “darkly danceable” music, he reached out to her with a demo and within no time the two artists were working together.

I sent her a demo idea of another cover of BTS’ newest hit, ‘Idol’, along with my cover of ‘Fake Love’ and after some time she said she was down! Releasing a cover of BTS’ hit single ‘Idol’ with her was the first step. That’s where this remix of “Trick Or Treat” came into play. – Folded Dragons on working with Grazy Grace

Folded Dragon’s remix of “Trick Or Treat,” like most of his previous works, blends dramatic orchestral elements with dark, melodic production, resulting in an ominous dance tune, rooted in the intersection between orchestral bass and Korean pop.

“I grew up playing violin and piano, and I think my whole style has revolved around that. I absolutely love music theory and using that in combination with dark and melodic elements.” – Folded Dragons

His official remix of “Trick Or Treat” drops next Tuesday (16th) and will be followed by 2  originals coming out on Elixir Records at the end of October and November. Until then, we wait with eager ears!

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