Artist To Watch: youth

Indie-pop star on the rise; Steven Mudd is once again turning heads and bringing the heat with his debut single: “Fire”. No stranger to the music scene, Steven is recognised for being half of the critically acclaimed duo; Golden Coast, who while garnering millions of streams online have received praise and support from the likes of Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post and Billboard.

Following the phenomenal success of his work in the duo, the Californian producer and songwriter now fans the flames of a budding solo career while making a name for himself under the new project: youth.

“‘Fire’ kind of wrote itself once I had created a track that felt like it gave me all of those elements & excitement” – Steven Mudd (youth) on the new single

Exploring a darker quality to past projects, “Fire” blends Indie-pop with electronic elements and irresistible pop melodies, as youth channels his creative energy into a newly crafted and well rounded, individual sound.

“I was trying to explore a palette for myself that blended the aggression & attitude of rock stuff I grew up loving with a more modern electronic aesthetic.” – Steven Mudd (youth)

We can say with confidence and certainty that we will be hearing more from youth in the future and until then, we wait with keen ears!



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