Artist To Watch: Delia Dane

Florida-born, now New York City based R&B artist Delia Dane is back to bless our ears with a new, downtempo synth track, following an already impressive back catalogue of successful tracks and a multitude of achievements.

With releases that have netted attention from the likes of publications such as Noisey, Stereogum and Fader and a reputation for experimentation and confronting her own limitations, Dane’s latest single “Kinda Nice” absorbs it’s listeners in a sea of sultry vocals and moody synths.

“I wanted to do something more carefree and casual, both lyrically and musically. Lyrically the song is about exploring a new, casual connection with someone.” – Delia Dane

Inspired by the likes of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson, to whom she would sing along to in the car from a young age, Dane’s attraction to the R&B and neo-soul genres is evident and strongly reflected in her own work. Following the sensual, yet darker impression left by her 2017 EP “Paradise”, “Kinda Nice” allows us to fall into a therapeutic state of vulnerability, through soothing vocals and chill textures.

“The track is teetering on Hip Hop with some post-vocal rap influences, but still breathy, R&B vibes.” – Delia Dane

Already in the midst of recording her followup project, Dane is an artist to keep your eyes and ears tuned to, as the neo-soul inspired singer-songwriter can definitely be expected to show up again on your radar!

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