Mielo & Align – All In Our Eyes

Chicago based friends and fellow producers Mielo & Align have joined forces to create an an elegant and celestial collaboration. Blending elements of electro-pop and downtempo music with a touch of future bass and alternative influences, “All In Our Eyes”  is a genre bending, dream-like experience.

Sharing a close, personal history outside of music as friends and college students at The University of Iowa, the two artists had no issue establishing a palpable chemistry within the studio, which unsurprisingly manifests in nostalgic undercurrents throughout this track.

“James (Align) & I met freshman year while at rowing practice. I had already started learning how to produce music & James was a huge fan of downtempo electronic music, so he soon began to pursue music. We’ve been friends ever since.” – Mielo

Merging analog emulation, modern vocal manipulation, & organic elements, “All In Our Eyes” sounds like something one might listen to while watching a Carribean sunset from the balcony with an ice-cold drink in hand. A magnificently moody track, filled with inventive production choices that contribute to an overall hypnotic presence – we at The Music Elk hope you’ve enjoyed “All In Our Eyes”  as much as we have!