Artist To Watch: Julie Elody

This week, our eyes are on rising star Julie Elody, a New Orleans singer-songwriter who shortly after releasing her latest single “Relatable” – a power packing, emotionally charged dance-pop banger – has already announced that she is back in writing mode, with new material on the way. Having amassed hundreds of thousands of streams across her music on Spotify and with an astonishing back catalogue of tracks released alongside some of the EDM world’s most notable producers, the electro-pop songstress has officially reached boiling point. 

Drawing inspiration from a multitude of styles, she describes her sound as “a melting pot” of everything that she listens to.

My favourite description of my music came from a fan who said, ‘take a pop song, slap some bluesy vocals on it, take the lyrics from a folk song and you’ve got a Julie Elody song – Julie Elody

With her original music being typically plentiful in energy and enthusiasm, her latest single “Relatable” stays true to form yet is grounded with a deceptively somber meaning:

I had just gone a few weeks between therapy appointments so I was feeling pretty high strung and when some friends asked me how I was, I immediately thought, “am I just supposed to say ‘good how are you’ or can I be honest?” I started writing those lyrics down and the melody started to form in my head later that night.  Honorebel listened to the song and was blown away so he sent it to Herbertskillz who came up with the beat.  When the whole thing finally came together I couldn’t believe how powerful it was. – Julie Elody on the inspiration behind the song

Currently gearing up to release her second single, titled “Come Down,” which is expected to drop early next year and lead in to her future debut EP, Julie Elody is eager to release. 

The rest of the songs are in various stages of completion, and there is one notable collaboration that I am very pleased about!  Y’all will have to stay tuned for the details! – Julie Elody

Julie and her fans are not the only one’s excited to hear the new tracks … here at The Music Elk the wait is on!


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