Folded Dragons, Amanda Yang – This Low

Combining his classical background in piano and violin with his more recently acquired electronic skills, 20 year old producer Albert Pan (Folded Dragons) is developing his craft as a Music Technology sophomore at NYU, a course which, notably, has produced the likes of LAUV & Prince Fox. Having already released on internationally renowned label Trap Nation and garnering hundreds of thousands of online streams, he is well on his way to making a huge name for himself.

Amanda Yang burst onto the scene in 2011, uploading original music and covers to her Youtube channel, which now sits at a tidy 31,000 subscribers. Known for her Indie-Pop, R&B style, she has opened for global star MAX and smashed over 22 million streams on Spotify alone.

Pan and Yang met on Tinder a year or two ago and immediately they decided to try and collab! They met up in Minnesota, where they are both based, to work on material but couldn’t align themselves properly. Fast forward, however, to summer this year to see them try once more and the fruits of that attempt are finally with us. Friday saw the release of This Low”, a song about a hard breakup Albert had with a girl he dated during his freshman year of college. Sadly for him the termination of their relationship wasn’t mutual and this track is a walk down memory lane into his mind during that turbulent period. The break and lyrical content hints at the dark tones of his thoughts, and we can feel the raw emotion through the emphatic chorus section with it’s powerful chord progression; this is a track you need to get your hands on…

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Stream This Low here:

Published by Tom Wigley

20 year old Student, Producer, DJ, Writer & Curator from London, UK.

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