Mesqo & Jaiden Stylez – Back To Work

In an explosive new collaborative endeavour, American EDM producer Mesqo and R&B, Hip-Hop vocalist Jaiden Stylez join forces . . . the result is a pumping new banger! Their new track “Back To Work” brings a high-energy club atmosphere, shrouded in dark effervescence.

“Every time I hear this song it sends a VERY powerful feeling of excitement. I can’t really explain.” – Jaiden Stylez

Evolving naturally through likeminded passion, great communication and what ultimately resulted in a strong friendship between both artists, “Back To Work” is described by Mesqo as basically “writing itself”.

“The moment I heard Jaiden’s first verse, the song was basically written inside my head. The hard part was done and all I had to worry about was getting the music from my brain to the speakers in the cleanest fashion possible.” – Mesqo on the creative process behind the track

Listeners are drawn into an urgent frenzy of modernized dance beats and trap rhythms, in a compelling blend of Hip-hop and Trap, as Jaiden’s addictive lyrical flow blends impeccably with Mesqo’s dark, tribal production.

“I wasn’t expecting to hear what this mastermind (Mesqo) had created! He sent me back his concept from my 1st verse, which blew my mind and the song was not even near finished at that point yet!” – Jaiden Stylez 

With both artists now sitting on new music and other collaborative projects pending release, we’re eager to hear what comes next! In the mean time, however, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the tumultuous extravaganza that is: ‘Back To Work’.




Facebook || SoundCloud 

Facebook || Soundcloud 

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