Artist To Watch: Lo Village

All eyes are on rising R&B, Hip-Hop trio; Lo Village, whose unstoppable talent is taking them to new levels with the release of their latest single: “TDOLV” (The Death Of Lo Village), a Halloween-themed, buoyant new track, carried by evocative songwriting and menacingly, gangster-like production.

Lo-Village burst onto the scene in 2016 with their debut project “Last Summer” earning acclaim from the likes of ELEVATOR, 2DPOPEBOYZ, Hillydilly, Plug Society and many more. Once again turning heads, their new single “TDOLV” sees the explosive trio at the height of their power.

“Look at how they look,
where I gotta sign?
Let me cash my check.
First in line,
Money got you shock.
When it’s time
That’s when they book”

The track instantly grabs listeners’ attention through its raw and riotous lyrical flow, throwing you into a raging storm of urban madness fuelled by a minimal beat, dense bass textures and punchy vocals that resonate with relentless honesty.

The title “The Death Of Lo Village” came about during a rocky period for the group in which the individual members within the project were being pulled in different directions due to internal turmoil, and so “TDOLV” became a cathartically suitable name for the track. Ridden with heavier themes such as the short term mentality that plagues the next generation, concerned only with instant gratification, “TDOLV” sees Lo Village’s storytelling abilities rein supreme.

“This is for my mama’s riding in big Benz & Hummers
Got freaky on the mic so we could dash through summer” 

With all of their releases to date brimming with visceral energy, Lo Village are on a path towards leading the way in the Urban-Rap scene. We suspect that within only a matter of months, they’ll be back again and killing it!




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