Artist To Watch: Chel

This week, Missouri based singer songwriter Chel is high on our watchlist after the release of her titular new track: “My Name,” an uplifting pop-anthem that oozes confidence in its potent message of self love and acceptance.

The American Soul-Pop singer has steadily been taking over the independent Pop scene and catapulting into the realms of global acclimation over the past years, growing a worldwide following of 1.7 million Facebook fans, amassing millions of views on her videos online and opening for international talents such as Jason Derulo, David Correyand and Nelly.

For me, ‘My Name’ is a statement. I spent most of my life killing myself over what people thought of me. I listened as people used my name as a punch line. This song is important to me because it drips confidence.” – Chel on the inspiration behind writing the song

With a relatively simple beat overlaid by Chel’s sultry vocals, “My Name” channels all the power and menace that one looks for in a song that preaches empowerment.

“I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m trying to be me. If I’m still relevant enough to talk about, I must be doing something right.” – Chel

With a kickass verse that leads the song into an explosive chorus of lush electronic soundscapes and a driving bass, “My Name” moves with unbeatable energy and swagger.

Fans can catch Chel at her following shows around the States:

  • Friday 1/9 – 11PM – Silverlake Lounge – 2906 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
  • Wednesday 11/14 – 7PM – Uncommon Ground – 3800 N. Clarke St., Chicago, IL
  • Friday 11/6 – 8PM – The Emerald Room – 4510 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO
  • Sunday 1/18 – 7PM – The Curve Inn – 3219 S. 6th St., Springfield, IL


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