Motivational Monday’s Episode 31: Brian Sucari – Artist Manager and Marketing Director of ZilDeep Media / Loudkult

Who are you and what’s your background?

I’m Brian Sucari, an Argentinean, 19 year old guy that started a record label about 5 years ago just for fun, without knowledge, contacts or money to invest… only eager to progress.

I’m the executive director of ZilDeep Media, marketing director of Loudkult and manager of various talented artists like Zeper, Kovan, Cramoki, Fabercut and more.

What does your job consist of on a day to day basis?

At the moment I’m mainly working with the artists that I manage, doing promotions for our releases and customers and managing/creating ad campaigns for the labels that I work for, but each day is different. Yesterday was re-branding the ZilDeep web page as an example, tomorrow I’ll have to work on ad campaigns for a customer.

What do you enjoy most about it?

I really love to see how the artists that I manage grow!

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I don’t want to talk about numbers because I never conform. When I started, 10k streams on Soundcloud was impossible and now we are reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and it’s normal, so I think that my biggest goal is that I can live from this. I want to always invest my time in my projects.

Any tips and tricks that you wish you knew when you started?

Don’t follow what the other people do, I lost a lot of time working with Soundcloud just because other labels did the same but were so wrong. If 2 years ago I had done market research and then started to work with Spotify then we would be doing the interview in a yacht! I don’t like Apple but . . . “think different”.

For the readers looking to pursue a career in your field, do you have any advice for them?

It is a really hard industry, with a lot of competition and you don’t know what music stores will do well in the future, so you have to adapt fast. If anyone wants to start in this industry just send me a PM, I’m always down to lend a hand.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

Obviously the ZilDeep artists, like Zeper – he’s the boss – and at the moment listening to ZHU, BLR (Bolier), Oliver Heldens (the new style doesn’t convince me at all but he’s sick!), DROELOE, Diplo and Calvin Harris. He’s not part of the EDM industry but he’s setting trends with each release.

What do you look for in a song/artist?

Mainly originality, I don’t like music without personality.

How do you overcome days where you have no motivation?

I have no days without motivation, how can I lose the motivation knowing that millions of people are listening to the songs that we are releasing?

What do you do when you’re not working (for downtime)?

Hard question, I’m practically working all day. When I’m out with friends or family I’m replying to messages … I can’t stop working! All the projects are part of me. But to clear my mind I love to drive or go for coffee. It’s not great but I really love coffee!

Any recent announcements and/or upcoming stuff you would like to announce to the readers?

I’m working with partners on new brands (nothing related to the music industry) but I never announce upcoming projects. You will know more about them when you see the ad on Instagram!

Your own personal tips for success (either in music or life in general)?

Start thinking! I’m working with a lot of people so when I get a good idea, they can just start with the developing. Now it’s is really easy to do effective market research … you don’t need to ask 500 people like before.

Just using free tools like the Keyword Research of Good Ads and you can know if you have a good campaign and how much people are spending per click. You can make an estimation of the ROI that you could have… that’s fundamental. Think and then act. Good market research can save you a lot of money and time.


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