JFARR drops new single ‘Thinking of Ya’

Pop/RnB artist Jonathan Pfarr, better known as JFARR, is following up on his October release ‘Sunlight’. The Ohio-native, now Arizona-based producer and vocalist just dropped a new single called ‘Thinking of Ya’ yesterday.

In the song, he speaks about his first couple of lonely days in his new Arizona apartment. Being near LA, he met a lot of people and got invited to a lot of parties, where some people kept trying to get him to drink and smoke in order to feel better. But…

“No, no drink could fix this”.

It’s a really chill electronic track featuring his signature RnB vocals. Those dreamy vocals are accompanied by minimalistic drums and impressive sound design coupled with a unique synth chorus. The lead melody is played by catchy vocal chops, which are then pitched up an octave later within the track.

Near the end of the piece, he talks about driving his car with the person he wrote the song for. With a touch of melancholy, he imparts that it would be a dream for that to ever happen again.

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