It’s not often you hear a song and think… “Damn, what genre is that?” This, however, is the natural reaction that LA-based songwriter and vocalist DED-STARK evokes through his music.

Blending Hip-hop and Trap music in an eclectic mix, his latest release “WHAT I WANNA” forms a narrative of non-conformity, as DED STARK raps about doing the opposite of what is expected of him as an adult.

“Ultimately this is a song about embracing ones destiny as an artist and steering into what most would avoid, learning to not only become comfortable being judged by others but to revel in that.” – DED STARK

Highly evocative and catering to the Alternative pallet, “WHAT I WANNA” takes a very raw and rebellious look into DED STARK as a songwriter and the inspiration behind his works.

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