HANDS takes us to a “Dark Place”

Multi-talented 25 year old producer & singer/songwriter HANDS has decided to grace us with his fresh new track “Dark Place”, an atmospheric work of art painted with soothing vocals and spacious synths. The song envisions the greed of somebody taking advantage of their partner in a relationship, and breaking away from the relationship because in the end the other person is only damaging you. The track’s vibe really fits with this theme, with its ambient sounds and chilling lyrics.

HANDS decided to start creating music as he didn’t fancy any of the music being played on the radio, and we’re glad he made this decision. His music merges hints of ambient, future garage, chill & downtempo plus a sprinkle of pop. With his late grandfather being a jazz musician, it comes as no surprise that HANDS is quite talented, yet he only started playing piano at 16 and pursued producing and writing his own material aged 20. We are excited to see what this artist brings to the table in the coming years.

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Listen to “Dark Place” here:

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Published by Sean Casley

20 year old Producer, Artist & Writer from Kildare, Ireland

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