Fred Lessore returns to the music scene with his latest release “Give A Little Time”

South East London-based musician and songwriter Fred Lessore returns with his latest release, “Give A Little Time”. With a vast background in various genres, Fred has adopted an appreciation for many different musical perspectives, drawing influence from a wide range of artists like Tracy Chapman and Magic System, through to Linkin Park and Deptford Goth, all the way to Florence + The Machine, Stromae and P!nk.

Fred Lessore’s music frequently covers complex topics such as mental health, spirituality and heartbreak and often involve stepping into another’s shoes to experience the world from their point of view. His writing mixes traditional storytelling techniques with catchy hooks to create a mature sound, resulting in a freshly compassionate and empathetic sound.

Give A Little Time” is comprised of a light-hearted musical arrangement, paired with well-written and meaningful lyrics. With minimalistic guitar features and a warm, vintage-style synth, this song is sure to put you in a good mood.

A few words from Fred on his latest release:

“Coming from a will-they-won’t-they type space, ‘Give A Little Time’ embodies the move from post-breakup remorse to full blown reconciliation, combining feelings of hope, joy and love to explore the reality of ‘limbo’ and the desire to reunite” – Fred Lessore

Follow Fred Lessore here:

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Stream “Give A Little Time” bellow:

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