Interview: Camille van Gurp – Talking about growing Spotify playlists and more !

Why did you decide to start your Monthly EDM Hits playlist?

I started the playlist because I really like the curation part. I love to bring people music they might have never heard before.

How did you grow it to over a thousand followers in under two weeks?

The playlist grew this fast because of multiple marketing tools I learned and used on this playlist. I can’t go into all the details but I will say that social media promotion is the most important part.

How do you plan on continued growth and maintaining it among your other obligations with Encore Agency and managing artists like Foxa, RudeLies, Debris, and Conor Ross?

I update the playlist each Friday on a weekly basis. The marketing and promotion is a continuous process to ensure the playlist steadily grows over the next couple of months/

How do you think Spotify has impacted the more underground and up and coming side of EDM as it continues to convert SoundCloud listeners and creators over to its platform?

Spotify has really impacted the discovery of new talents. The platform really has an eye for new talent. For instance, you will always find new talent and music you never heard before in their big playlists.

And lastly, what is the biggest mistake that you see people making when trying to promote their own playlists?

Buying followers. It can be very obvious to spot and it ruins the integrity of what you’re trying to do.

–  Chris W. Lao

This interview was made in partnership with The QR Network. Check out their other interviews with Axollo, KAAZE, Chad Kowal, and more!

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