Brasstracks releases their most addictive track yet, “I’m Alright”

The duo known as Brasstracks, consisting of members Conor and Ivan have released their recent work “I’m Alright” along with the perfectly-fitting voice of R.LUM.R.

I’m Alright” has actually been in the making for over a year now. Conor and Ivan reached out to R.LUM.R once hearing some of his music on Soundcloud, turns out they were mutual fans of each other. It didn’t take long for a studio session to be in place, and with a few edits to the Ableton project, “I’m Alright” was complete.

A quick few words from Brasstracks:

“We hope you come out of this listen remembering your self worth – that’s our favorite way to look at the song.” Brasstracks

This brilliantly executed track features a mellow Jazz vibe, that pairs so well with a catchy beat and powerful 808’s. The song builds up to a classic brass-shout section, along with the punchy 808’s and just the right amount of hi hats.

R.LUM.R’s take on the track:

“I was so in my feelings that I think we wrote and recorded about 90% of it in about 3 hours in Ivan’s basement. I’m just pumped they decided to include me in their project
.” – R.LUM.R

The Brasstracks Vibrant Tour kicks off January 30th in Boston, be sure to check out dates and locations here

Check out Brasstracks on social media here:

Soundcloud || Spotify || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

Check out R.LUM.R on social media here:

Soundcloud || Spotify || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter

Have a listen “I’m Alright” below!

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