Dallas-based Artist With Boston Roots Bishop Ivy Releases Stunning First Single, “15”, Under New Alias

Bishop Ivy, who previously released music under the name “Cam Crowley”, the artist’s real name, is starting his new alias off strong with the release of alternative single “15”.  The song starts with airy guitar strums and smooth vocals, later adding trap drums and Bon Iver-esque vocal harmonies. Two minutes in, the song’s open, reverb-filled sounds are answered with a powerful guitar riff.  

Everything in “15” feels deliberate.  Every sound serves a purpose: from the ambient traffic noises in the beginning to the piercing alarm clock at the end, bringing you out of the world created by Bishop Ivy, like waking up from a dream.

“All Things Temporary”, Crowley’s upcoming EP, was inspired by a life-changing move he took as a teenager from Boston, his home town, to Dallas.

The artist’s roots can be traced back to the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, where he spent his teenage weekends busking on sidewalks.  

The cover art of “15”, an image of the iconic Boston skyline, says it all.  Crowley’s home city is important to him. The “Bishop Ivy” sound was created there.

After gaining recognition for his covers of popular artists like Ed Sheeran and The Weekend, Cam Crowley started experimenting with new sounds.  Throughout his high-school years, Crowley would add effects to his guitars, and even implement digital instruments into his original songs, all in his makeshift bedroom studio.

With his unique, but radio-friendly music, Bishop Ivy could easily tap into a recent wave of success from similar young alternative acts like “Snail Mail” and “boygenius”.  Bishop Ivy is certainly worth keeping an eye on in the coming months. Listen to his debut single here.

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