Folded Dragons & YAEVIN- I Need You

Folded Dragons, also known as Albert Pan, who is 20 years young and a sophomore studying Music Technology at New York University, returns to The Music Elk after his track with Amanda Yang last year, with a new original – his third track of 2019 already, titled ‘I Need You‘.

Beginning with a lovely orchestral blend of strings and piano, with vocals gliding overhead, drum hits sign-post a progression onto something powerful, as we plunge into an emotional drop of huge characterful synths and brass hits.

As well as producing the song, Pan wrote it, drawing inspiration from his own happenings in life, employing the wonderful voice of NYC-based vocalist YAEVIN, a vocal performance graduate from the world-famous Berklee College of Music, in order to manifest the allusions between the ‘feeling of need-based love and drowning underwater’.

Having garnered the support of MrSuicideSheep and racked up over 1 million streams in 2018, it’s clear that Folded Dragons is one to watch this year…

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Published by Tom Wigley

20 year old Student, Producer, DJ, Writer & Curator from London, UK.

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