AronMedia, a social media company striving 3 million followers on Facebook and more

Aron is 21-year-old from Beverwijk, The Netherlands, he has accumulated over 3 million followers on Facebook with his Podcast and Social Media company. His company Sugafly makes podcasts about horror stories (coming to all podcast platforms soon), Sleep and Relax sounds like rain to help you sleep and meditate because life is stressful for a lot people, this is the main reason why people listen to that podcast. He also is working on a lot of branded podcast but also original podcasts. Aron has opened the market to create an absurd amount of traffic to clients and his own pages.

This is a photo of what they are capable of with social media reach and what he can do for a client: – Follow ChillYourMind Here

Having a lot of experience with Social media strategy’s and podcast’s AronMedia is gaining a name for itself as the next big thing in this industry, working with several businesses in the music industry he has accumulated these stats below:

500k+ downloads a month on Sugafly original podcasts (branded not included)

1B+ views on his original shows

360M+ likes on his posts

240M+ shares on his posts

You can follow AronMedia and Sugafly below

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