Mark Mendy & The Beamish Boys Release Their First Song Of 2019: “Black Gasoline”

Leading the way in the world of independent pop music, Italian-based producer and songwriter Mark Mendy just dropped his latest Pop gem that he has been saving up for us.

Always pushing boundaries, Mark Mendy has been making a name for himself for some time, and now teams up with rising Australian duo The Beamish Brothers (formerly The Beamish Boys) to create an infectious new tune that highlights a stellar lineup of all-round talent.

Mesmeric melodies and foot-tapping hooks alongside impeccable retro-inspired sounds are all brought to the forefront in this fiery collaboration, while catchy harmonies and inventive songwriting abilities breathe life into this track. 

Already gaining rapid traction, Black Gasoline is the kind of song that will lift your spirits and we believe it will indeed be one of this season’s highlights. If you enjoy Pop music at its best, then this track will be right up your alley, with a punchy groove and a reminder that music is for dancing and sharing good vibes.

Listen here: