Ark Patrol Overcomes Cancer to Release “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” Off New Album

One of the ugliest moments in any relationship is having to convince your partner to stay with you. This topic is explored in Seattle based producer Ark Patrol’s latest single, “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away”, off his recent album. The song’s instrumental features bubbly electronic blips and retro synth sounds, but the lyrics tell a bleaker story: “Your feelings come and go … There’s nothing I won’t do”.

In “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away”, Ark Patrol lets us in on his personal relationships and allows his emotions to surface. Brandon Gomez, the man behind “Ark Patrol”, has faced his own medical challenges during the production of his recent album. In 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer. Over the past grueling year, Gomez has used music an emotional outlet. “It sucked, it really sucked. But it made me realize how special our time here is”, the artist wrote in an Instagram post. The self-titled album is the first music he’s released since his diagnosis.

Ark Patrol capture’s a feeling that’s relatable to most. “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” is your go-to song for when things fall out of line and life seems to collapse around you. 

Stream “Darling, You Can’t Walk Away” Here.

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