Rebekah Fitch Releases Latest Single “Poison”

After her last year’s exploits, Rebekah Fitch is once again back with a bang this year and now she’s coming she’s coming for the jugular of society. When listening to her music, many would assume she has been around for a long time, as her work displays a level of sophistication beyond her years of experience. 

Although in fact new in the game, she’s already garnered much praise for her music and her musical prowess and talents are exemplified in her latest track: “Poison”. Throughout “Poison”, this multi-talented artist questions our societal objectives and ambitions, most of which are difficult to either live up to or achieve. She calls out these poisonous norms that are constantly distracting us from focusing on the more important things in life and implores listeners to instead focus on developing into who we really are. This is far from your average disco-dance club song, rather, this is a work that aims to move minds and emotions. 

Rebekah Fitch has really moved up another level with one. Every morning you wake up, ready to step out into the world again, let Rebekah Fitch’s “Poison” be your thought-provoking, musical guide for the day, as you attempt to defy societal norms and become your most authentic self!

Stream “Poison” Here.

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