Sander W. Releases New Album “Chasing Feelings”

Over the course of the years since Sander W. debuted, he has been making waves and moving in leaps and strides thanks to his assured, focused and undoubtedly talented creations. 

With a new album hot off the press, it looks like there is no catching up to him right now! In his latest five-track studio album “Chasing Feelings” Sander W. continues in his passion for exploring various topics that affect mankind every day. 

Focuses his efforts on touching the lives of people through his music, it is little wonder that his albums, including this latest one, carry such impact. On “Chasing Feelings”, the artist employs his lyrical dynamism with matching instrumental mastery to talk about important human issues and emotions

In a beautiful Melodic House packaging, “Change Your Mind” explores the way in which love is never easy while “Shotgun” delves into a busier atmosphere, in a song that will always liven your road trips. “Close To You”, is more emotional in its description of the best place for someone in love to be. In “No sleep”, Sander speaks the troubled, sleepless minds and finally he rounds off this wonderful album in the cozy mood of “Waiting For Love”. This is definitely a release you don’t want to miss, with a tracklist that fosters a vast array of emotions and moods.

Stream “Chasing Feelings” Here.

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