Rising Future House artist, Jonth drops insane new track, “Take On The World”

The Future House artist known as Jonth releases his latest track “Take On The World“, and it’ll make you want to keep it on repeat all day long. The 23 year old producer uses a blend of Future House and Future Funk, paired with his perfected signature sounds to create the ultimate banger for any scene.

Born and raised in Borlänge, Sweden, Jesper Jonth started producing music at a very young age and has over the years developed his own sound. Jonth has been supported by some of the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music such as Tiesto, Cash Cash, Debris, Jay Eskar and many more!

The Swedish producer uses a driving bass, terrific vocals, his signature and powerful lead and future funk styled chords that we hear somewhat similar of in his original song “Break Away“. He also uses adlibs throughout the breaks to add to the atmosphere. His strong buildup sets up the drop beautifully, and could not have been done better than Jonth has executed here! One bit of ear candy that I always keep going back and listening to is the setup before the second half of each drop. The chord he uses here is brilliantly placed, as well as having that funk element to it gives the whole track a groovy vibe.

The long awaited masterpiece brought to you Jonth is out now! Check it out here:

Be sure to check out Jonth on social media!

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