Lucas Estrada & PAWL Release Energetic Single “2Face”

Dance-pop fans will definitely enjoy Swedish artists Lucas Estrada and PAWL’s new collaborative single “2Face”, a light, catchy and thoroughly energizing track with a narrative we can all relate to.

Having received vast acclamation and support from the likes of EMD and Pop giants; The Chainsmokers, Lucas Estrada and PAWL are talented artists whose expertise in the dance-pop field has allowed them to reach thousands of people through their music, which surfs the line between Pop and Dance music effortlessly

Those who’ve ever dealt with fake people will find solace in their new single’s message. “2Face” is an upbeat tune driven by a combination of catchy beats, vocal chops, ethereal atmospheres and lyricism that’s not only emotive, but honest and relatable. 

Moreover, the song advises us always to be our true selves and never change faces to please other people or fit in. The best thing we have, after all, is our originality, and “2Face” serves as a potent reminder.

Check out 2Face:

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