Navina Returns With Powerful Single “Circles”

Rapidly emerging indie songwriter and artist Navina has unveiled her emotive new single “Circles”. She has already gained the support of tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1 DJ Yasser, the Best of British Unsigned Music Awards and the BBC Asian Network. Her songwriting is rich and full of reflective lyricism, ‘Circles’ is no different. It sees Navina move towards a more mellow sound, with the Brit producing, writing and performing the track. 

Navina tells me that, as usual, “Circles” came out of his bedroom studio. She says he channeled her post-graduation feelings “of starting all over again from scratch” into the production. She wanted her music to emphasize the message that “starting again isn’t bad [because] it enables us to rediscover what started it all in the beginning.”

“Circles is about how sometimes starting back where you finished isn’t always a bad thing, going to back to square one enables us to build a foundation and rediscover our roots and what started it all.” – Navina

Stream “Circles” here.

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