The loss of family can truly break you, and sometimes even shut you down. But the ability to reunite from it, is remarkable. Even with the struggles of hiding his dreams, Electronic Producer Juuku comes out with his latest remix “Under the Table” by Banks, which hits home in regards to the loss of himself, as well as his fallen ones.

Between battling back & forth with hesitation to pursue his dreams, Juuku unfortunately also went through the loss of his grandparents. The two leading elders had unresolved problems for 10 years straight. His grandparents hesitated to create resolutions for each other when they were present, but nothing is ever too late, Juuku explains. Through his music he expresses that as he overcomes his fears and connects with pursuing his art again, he believes that there is hope for the two fallen ones to reconcile relations again. 

Hesitation is distinctively noticed through each drop with a pause, which then momentarily follows with the song’s resume. Juuku as an Enigmatic Electronic Producer weaves unique feelings of love, fear, and intimacy into sonic & visual emotional experiences all through the sounds of cinematic design. In this remix, we see Juuku draw inspiration from his past, his late loved ones, his fear of death, his insecurities and his hope.

Stream “Banks – Under The Table (Juuku Remix)” bellow:

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