Luxley Invites You to Take a Journey Through Sound and Color with latest EP, Chromatics

Straight from the vibrant town of New Orleans, Luxley’s latest EP, ‘Chromatics’, showcases a rather rare experience that is certain to intrigue and delight.

Most people write by sound. Luxley, however, writes by colour. This is because he has Chromasthesia, a condition that causes him to unconsciously associate sounds with colours.

Attiki – The opening track sets the mood with lush sounds that invoke the feeling of a dreamy soundscape with modern electronic production. The track showcases rich and interesting textures, building to a trance inducing vibe. The listener is immersed into a colourful world from the first few notes!

Dreamcatcher – Luxley creates a driving force with a gorgeous blend of synth-pop and layers upon layers of sounds. Production quality is high and compliments the opening track with a driving rhythm section and some classic sampled vocal chops.

Near Me – A melancholy marimba with a haunting vocal sample layers into a funky house style bass. ‘Near Me’ continues to impress with a nice build and highlights the nature of a fluid, yet consistent dubstep throwback in the main section.

No. 4 – Certainly a standout track on the EP. Capturing a low-key, yet anthemic number with Luxley’s addition of some gorgeous vocal processing reveals a powerful main section to the song that is sure to turn heads and move a crowd. 

Shine – Mid tempo dance number. Luxley finds an interesting balance between 8-bit sounds and a Flume-esque lead and bass. This track will certainly be on high repeat.

Take A Chance – A synth odyssey and a chunky mix of layers. ‘Take A Chance’ is driving and sprinkled with upbeat soul vocals. A touch of 2000’s Deadmau5 is certainly apparent in areas, and amounts to an eclectic mix of sounds before fading a minimal house beat. The closing track delivers the EP well with a solid resolve.

Overall, ’Chromatics’ offers a window into Luxley’s unique view on the world of sound, and captures a pure rainbow of soul-touching, sonic richness. With his self-described, “Chromasthetic” style and blend of electronic genres to create a tasty experiential music journey, Luxley will no doubt be an artist to watch.

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